What Is Reiki?

Reiki provides a means of tapping into the Universal Life Force Energy Field and creates a channel, whereby it is drawn into the healers body and dispensed by their hands into the person or pet that is receiving the healing. The Universal Reiki Energy comes "through" the healer - not "from" the healer, and assists with the healing and balancing of body, mind and spirit.

Reiki Energy has an intelligence of its own. It has its own awareness and by connecting with the clients energy field, it will know how to work and what to do.

What Could Happen In A Healing Session?

As a healer, Kelly places her hands on or above the recipients body, and is guided by intuition as to where the energy is needed most within the body at that particular point in time. The Reiki Energy does the rest.

While healing, some people report feeling tingling sensations, heat bursts or coldness coming from her hands. Depending on which part of the body is being attended to, some people have said they feel dizziness, a deep peacefulness, emotional and/or nauseous. This is due to "old" energies being released by the body as "fresh" energies come in to heal, and balance.

Some people fall asleep ..... and some people feel nothing at all.

During Reiki, Kelly is often given 'messages' to pass on to the client from loved ones.

Reiki does not require a belief to work. Non believers receive the same benefits. Kelly has also had people call her, after "not feeling anything at all", and they explain that they can now move their arm without pain or walk those steps a lot easier. So, whether you feel anything during the session or not, the Reiki Healing is still working within your body.

The removal of clothing is not required for a Reiki session. Head, neck and shoulder sessions are performed sitting upright in a chair while full body healings and chakra balances are performed lying down on a massage table.

What Is Crystal Healing?

There are a handful of crystals that sit nearby us while I conduct the Reiki session. Quite often, one, or more of the crystals will want to "work with you" as you are receiving a Reiki Healing or Chakra Balance. I intuitively pick up on their desire to come and help, and place them on the body or in the hands or near the feet, where ever they "tell me" they need to be, in order to help you.

Do not be disappointed if the crystals are quiet. Sometimes you will have many crystals that want to work with you and sometimes you'll have none. It's just what it Is ;)

Can My Pet Receive Reiki too?

Yes! For more information, please make an enquiry

Our little family has two senior dogs that receive daily Reiki from me. *Sherbert (14), absolutely loves it. He has arthritis and a few other "older dog" problems. He knows when I put my Reiki Hands on and he quite often, will fall asleep in my hands as the Reiki energy flows through me, into him.

On the other hand, Cashew (now 15) (Sherberts Mrs), is not too keen on the whole Reiki idea. Even though it is cold at the moment, with my hands on her, she huffs and puffs and just won't keep still for a session. I catch up with her sometimes when she is fast asleep :) This has also helped greatly with her arthritic pain.

*Sherbert lived a full life and made his transition in November 2013 at the age of 15 years and 2 months <3 We love you Buddy xxx See you later at the Rainbow Bridge little mate <3

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Learn Reiki

Everyone can learn to work with Reiki. Whatever your background you can join the Reiki 1 course for beginners where you will learn how to treat yourself and others. Reiki also stimulates our spiritual and personal development, deepening your intuition and opening your capacity for subtle awareness. Follow up courses will take your development further.

Here's What Others Are Saying ....

"With having tendinitis in my shoulder, I have been seeing Kel regularly and have had relief from the pain and now have a lot more movement. Also she treated my son's twisted knee (from footy) and he stopped using his knee brace a couple of days later and doesn't have any pain at all" ~ Julie

"I have found a definite improvement in the clarity of my thoughts and the calmness of my being since undertaking weekly Reiki sessions with Kelly. I find Kelly knowledgeable in all things natural and alternate and would recommend her. Thanks Kelly, you continue to be a great help to me" ~ Jodi

""I got what is called 'wreck-neck', it's something that I have had before and it normally takes 3 or 4 days to go away. This time, Kel did Reiki on my neck that same morning and after the session, the pain was gone but the stiffness was still there. In the afternoon she did a second session and the stiffness was gone as well. All in one day. " ~ Peter

"Kelly let me say that the Reiki that you did on my shoulders has certainly done the trick as i have had no pain nor the need to take painkillers to get a decent night sleep, and to get me to relax the way you did was remarkable.

I wish you every success down that path and know that you have a real inner power with the sweetest nature that would benefit anyone in your presence.

Thanks again
Cheers, Greg"

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