Receiving a Reiki Attunement During Pregnancy

Being attuned to Reiki is actually being re-connected to a Healing Love energy from the Universe and if anything, your baby will pick up on this energy as it moves through your body and benefits growth and spirit.

You can also Reiki your baby through your tummy to nurture it's development. You might even be able to have a Reiki conversation with your "Reiki Baby" just like we often get messages from "the other side" or from our Guides while we give Reiki, bubs messages may be able to come through too.


Article: Receiving A Reiki Attunement During Pregnancy

Reiki is such a gentle energy with an intelligence and awareness of it's own. It makes it's way through the very fibre of people and will love, nurture and empower for the receivers highest will and good.  Babies included :)