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After your 10 minute chakra check                                                                             by Kelly

you will be able to:

  • See what each Chakra relates to
  • Understand how these energy centres can affect your relationships, finances and health
  • Get an idea of what you could expect in your external world when your Chakra is flowing/spinning freely
  • Discover how you could be causing your Chakras to be imbalanced
  • See what you could expect in your external reality when a Chakra is blocked
  • Learn about some internal physical symptoms that you could be experiencing due to a blocked Chakra

So you've had your Chakras checked  by Kelly and you will now have a picture in your hands that looks something like this


A Tick = Spinning Freely (pendulum made a nice circle)

A Dot = Blocked (pendulum didn't move) 

A line = Imbalance (pendulum swung sideways- or did 'crazy things' for some of you ;) )

Have your chakras checked and then:

Watch this quick video that explains how to read your Mini chart and what each little mark, dot or line means


Now take some time to compare your mini chakra chart results with the details listed here.

Click Here For Chakra details

Discover why you are getting what you have got in life and when you are ready to change your outcomes around your relationships, health and money, then you'll be ready to dive deeper within yourself and make that change! 

Everything is energy.... 

                                ... and energy flows where attention goes