Get Rid Of Negative Thought Patterns That Hold You Back And Strengthen Your Positive Mind For A Positive Life [even if it's negative at the moment] 


Who Is This Course For?

  • People that want to use the power of their mind on purpose for personal growth, calmness of mind, inner peace and self improvement

  • Anyone that wants to improve their health with positive thinking, turn any relationship into a happy relationship, attract money toward them instead of repelling money away, build confidence and gain more certainty and direction in life

  • People who are tired of trying to get rid of repetitive negative thinking patterns and are not seeing any long lasting results when it comes to positive thought

  • Anyone looking to tap into the power of thought energy - automatically - on a regular basis - in  order to manifest desired outcomes 

    Sounds like you?

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As soon as you sign up, you'll receive a PDF containing a username and password. Click on the link in the PDF. Login to the course and make your way through the 18 Sections by clicking on a link at a time. The Sections look like this:

HERE'S some of  WHAT YOU'LL FIND  inside the course:


Every Section is so easy to follow with simple explanation videos along the way


Every Section has an audio that reads the page to you so if reading is not one of your strong points, just play the audio. It couldn't get any easier

You'll understand how good questions can get you out of a rut and help you to direct your energy toward what you want instead of thinking in circles about what you don't want! 

You'll have access to around 50 videos with explanations, tips, tricks, guidance and instruction to help with your positive mindset

Easy to  print images for you to use as part of your
"Mind Trigger" set up around your home

Worksheets throughout the course are simply click and print and then follow the instructions as you make your way through the worksheet. This helps you to gain a greater clarity around specific areas of your life and understand  HOW you have the power to change them simply by changing your thoughts


Here's What You'll Get:
[and loads more]

You'll be able to download the fully guided meditation audio mp3 and play it when ever you need to get clarity of your thoughts and take control of them very easily

You'll learn how to easily build positive neural pathways and
understand why this is so important

The Video "8 Ways To Build A Confidence Self Image" includes steps for your Self Talk In Public and also your Self Talk In Private.
It's all about you and your thought around yourself

The healthy weight loss guide is for people that would like to have a go at shedding some weight by building a "slim and healthy" mindset and  following a plan that worked for me. It includes workout video for beginners, all printable menu ideas and recipes, affirmations and so much more!

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If you're still undecided please, watch the following videos and  read on . . . 


Everything makes sense when you get out of your mind ;)


Creator of The Mindset Empowerment Formula


2017: The online version of the Mindset Empowerment Formula was born :) 

2013: Achieved ReikiMaster Degree and began teaching mindset empowerment workshops

2009: Realized the real potential behind the power of the mind and worked it full force! 

2006: Began my climb from "Rock Bottom" because I knew sure as heck that I wasn't gonna be staying there! 




  • This module is about laying new foundations for your positive mindset to grow upon
  • You will begin retraining your brain as you easily remove repetitive negative blocks of thought from your mind to allow for maximum positive empowerment

  • You will discover the one word that will destroy negative thoughts so you can build your life upon a positive outlook instead

  • We bring your focus to #1 (That's You!) as you begin taking the time to build yourself up. The stronger your mind is, the more easily you'll be able to help your loved ones, and that's a fact!

  • You'll turn your negative thoughts into positive beliefs to quickly take control of your relationships, health, money and self

  • You will be given easy-to-use tools to eradicate random mind chatter and bring positivity and peace into your life

  • Understand your Inner Guidance and work with it to ensure you are on a path that is of benefit to you and all that are involved around you

  • Use strategies to set up automatic triggers around your home [very easily]. These triggers will keep your mind on track as you strengthen positive ways of thinking

  • Words and body language will become tools that you use on purpose and have fun with them in the process as you see people around you begin to change with the "New You"

  • Begin building yourself up as you step into the strong individual role that you truly have access to




  • This module takes you through many ways to understand different relationships along with the techniques and strategies that you can use to change each and every one of them

  • Understand how you could be attracting scenarios into your relationships that could have you being the victim more often than you would like

  • Discover how your personal thoughts toward a specific person, can make or break the relationship

  • Get to experiment on a person in your own life, preferably one that brings some form of conflict to you in one way or another, and begin changing yourself as you watch them change as well. Its a very cool experiment that works wonders

  • You will bring awareness to the types of relationships that you seem to continuously attract, and therefore have the power to change that





  •  This module covers the state of your health and things you can do to change or improve it

  • Understand your subconscious mind and the part that it plays when it comes to your health

  • Become more aware of your thought patterns around particular areas of your life

  • Begin changing your thoughts and the energy associated with them, to ones that are more conducive to healing and health




  • This module covers everything you need to know about why money might be scarce in your life, what could have happened personally for you to "push it away" and how you can now begin
    changing all of that to attract money toward you instead

  • A quick exercise will help you to become aware of the feelings you associate with money

  • Learn a "game" you can play while you're out and about in life that will help you to look at the joys of this tool called money, from a more open and wonderful point of view. This will begin to shift your energy around money

  • Use a technique that will open your mindset up to "thinking big" in terms of money energy

  • Go through a 5 step exercise that will help you determine what job or career would be the best one for you to follow at this point in time

  • You will play with the idea of money on a daily basis as you raise your vibrational energy to become a match with all that money can bring


If you're ready to get started click: 

If you're still undecided please, watch the following videos and read on . . .



positive thought triggers

  • Discover one word to stop negative thoughts in their tracks

  • Lay strong foundations for your new empowered mindset to grow from

  • Use the 20 Second Tweak Method to easily bring your mind back to the positives and be reminded of this automatically

  • Implement the powerful Happy Back-Up Thought Strategy when needed

  • Use your Inner Guidance System without a doubt and follow your inner path because this is what you are here to do

  • Learn how to use your body language on purpose to trigger positive feelings

  • And also use your words with purpose as you play with positive responses from all that you interact with

  • Understand the power of asking good questions to trigger positive answers

  • Create a powerful Vision Board and use the energy that goes with this tool, to create great outcomes in your life


mindset empowerment toolkit

  • Thought Awareness Guided Meditation mp3 - Download it and take wherever you go
  • The Weight Loss Mindset Guide - for those that feel the need to shed a bit of weight. Complete with recipes and daily eating plans

  • Pathway Builder to "rewire your brain" and get your thoughts and the energy associated with thought, flowing toward things that you absolutely WANT!

  • Positive Self Talk to build confidence and raise your self-esteem because you can :-)

  • Powerful Booster page with books, audios, videos and loads of stuff to lift you UP whenever you feel the need




I learned about mindset and energy, all during an 8 year period...

On my own. 

I was making my way through a very negative mindset...

Riddled with depression, anxiety and self judgement...

Thousands of hours using myself as the "guinea pig"...

As I experimented with my own thoughts around certain people...

I put myself  "out there" ...

I persisted with thoughts and the energy around money...

And health...

Relationships and self...

Trying to find a way to get some kind of confirmation that this was actually working ...

Believe me: it's been an up and down roller coaster ride ...

That's for sure! 

And then I broke through my heavy thought patterns and began seeing and experiencing positive results...

All because of my new way of thinking! 

Now, let me ask you this...

Instead of trying to figure it out on your own...

No plan, no step by step system...

What if I give you a "map" with the exact instructions to get to where you want...

How much would that be worth to you?

Maybe $200...


Well, I'd say PRICELESS

Don't forget we're talking about saving potentially 8+ years of your life...

How much is that worth to you...?

What if you could be just that much closer to exponentially improving the quality of your health, relationships, self and money all within 1 month...

How much would that be worth to you?

I'm guessing a lot.

You can get there today with the Mindset Empowerment Formula! 







This low price is just for now, it's not forever so get it while it lasts!







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My thoughts have been mainly negative for many years. Will this course still help me? 

Yes, this course will gently guide you through a process of recognising, and successfully moving away from negative loops of thought that are no longer of benefit to you and your life. 


What if I don't have time to do this?

People who don't have time to improve the quality of their thoughts, usually don't see much improvement in their life.  Every experience stems from our own thought. This is why life is unique and personal to each and every one of us. Your mind is creating what you see.  In order to change your life, you need to begin with changing your mind. 


How will your course make me more money?

It won't. This course will guide you to raise your own vibration around money. Therefore, being able to "allow" more of it into your life experience. You see, you need to be an energetic match to the things you wish to receive. This course shows you how become an energetic match to money.

Do you offer refunds?

No, not at such a low price offer. Once you pay you'll have access to everything so no refunds are available.



How will changing my thoughts, make my relationships better?

All relationships are interactive and when someone thinks a certain way about a person, energy is also being sent [thoughts are energy]. In order to get a different response from someone, you need to start sending different energy toward them aka different thoughts. All of this is taught in depth within the course.


What do thoughts have to do with being healthy ? 

Great question! Negative thoughts bring down your immune system and cause stress and dis-ease within the physical body. When we are able to focus our thought toward positive outcomes, even in the body, that's when things begin to change for the better. Energy flows where attention goes. Focus on what you WANT - not on what you don't want.

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