14 Symptoms Of A Blocked Sacral Chakra

 Part #3 of the free course "Chakra Info Series"

Internal (physical) Symptoms

  1. Infertility/Impotence
  2.  Menstrual pains 
  3. Sexual problems
  4. Lower back pain
  5. Urinary infections
  6. Kidney troubles
  7. Poor circulation system

External (Life Reality) Symptoms

  1. Guilty/self-judgement
  2. Lack of creativity
  3. Lack of sociability
  4. Unhealthy relationships
  5. Insecure with partners
  6. Jealousy
  7. Sense of isolation

Our sacral chakra is an energy distribution centre which is located below our belly button.  It distributes energy to our physical body around our lower abdomen area and to the creativity, sociability and sexual relationships  that we have in our external reality. When we become aware of what sacral chakra blockages could look like in our lives, we also have the power to change them! 


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