Smudging To Remove Unwanted Energies and Crystal Grids to Heal

What a day! I came home from a spiritual expo where I have been doing Energy Healing work using Crystals and Reiki and I had an energy attached to me that was not mine :/ Even though I had my protection in the form of Guides, Symbols and Crystals, after a full day of work with many different energies, this is just something that can happen sometimes.

It felt as though it was in the form of a very round, large spear and it was deep in my upper shoulder on my  back through to my chest ...... but that's ok <3 Being a Reiki Master and practitioner, we 'know' what to do.

Often as healers, we "pick up" and "take on" what is not ours as we shift heavy energies from the people that come to us for help <3

healing and protection crystal grid

When I got home, I went straight into my Healing Room as the overwhelming love energies that I have in there enveloped me .... I couldn't help but cry. Home <3

I called my husband in to help with smudging me. He lit the smudge stick that went out several times  so repeated the process until it was alight. Smoke filled my back and I bathed in the high vibrational energies that white sage pours out <3 Ahhhhhhh .....

healing and protection crystal grid

..... after that, I took the smudge stick and continued the clearing through our entire home, in every corner of every room and sealed the purity with Reiki Power Symbols <3

Having a home full of healers, my youngest daughter offered to give me a healing ..... (I love her healings) :) Thank you sweetheart for your wonderful grids and healing hands <3 I feel great!!! :D

There are many ways to rid unwanted energies when you are doing healings and I will make videos about energy protection and energy clearing soon so stay tuned ;) and thanks for reading <3 Its ALL good :D

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