2016 - 2017 Students

This is a straight forward, hands on Energy Healing Workshop gives you the knowledge and the abilities to perform chakra check ups and energy healing. You have the skills all ready for practice when you walk out of Kelly's door. Kelly also provides you with notes and emails to help keep you on track. - Saffron M, Toowoomba, QLD

The most useable strategy I gained from todays Energy Healing Workshop is "being able to clear myself. I say it's a smaller group, very informative. kelly is a passionate person who will inspire you to walk your journey" -Kathleen J, Toowoomba

The most useable strategy I gained from todays Energy Healing Workshop is to "trust and believe in myself" I enjoyed "Meeting new people which were lovely - feeling much lighter" - Leanne B, Gowrie Junction

"Prior to joining the Positive Mind Empowered Life Workshop, I was not sure where to start. Lost track a bit. Since the course, I now have a much better frame of mind, quietened the not so good mind chatter, seeing clearer, positive and happy and am more aware of how powerful the mind is with intention. I highly recommend this workshop. The content, the follow up support and guidance from Kelly is awesome. Thank you for your time and effort. Love it! Cant wait to see what doors open" - Lisa B, Oakey

"Before learning about this course I was in a very bad place, my thinking was negative a lot of the time, and I was stagnating. I had to step out of my comfort zone to even attend and I am so glad I did, as I met some of the loveliest people. Not once did anyone not make me feel welcome. My whole outlook on life and people is changing, I am thinking much more positive now, still a work in progress, this course has got me on the right track. I have learned a lot, and I feel I am more aware of my thoughts. This journey with you Kelly has been amazing!" ~ Sharon D. Toowoomba

2015 Students


"Hi Kelly, Thank you so much for your openness and relaxed delivery approach today at the Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops ... I loved it!! Tanya S. - Wattle Camp


"Hi Kelly, the  Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops were awesome & I thoroughly enjoyed it & the ladies in the group were also fantastic. Looking forward to the next workshop too. ~ Karen S - Kingaroy


Hi Kelly , Love what you have taught me to bits during the Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops and can't wait til the next chapter of my learning with you - Kathleen J, Toowoomba


Hi Kelly , the Bunya Mountains Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops was exactly what I needed & I truly had a fabulous day :) my favourite part was learning to balance & clear chakras , to be able to do it when I need . I learnt to look at things / life from a much more loving perspective and I'm feeling SO much lighter & better for it already ! Thank you so much & God Bless xx oh .. I got such a BUZZ at seeing Prana or Chi in the sky !!! Really ! Lol . Take care , Julie S. - Kingaroy


Hi Kelly
Thank you so much for teaching me how to help myself achieve some much needed re balancing. I have bought myself some crystals and placed them next to my bed and around the house and I do believe they are helping. The atmosphere in my home has greatly improved and I am feeling much less stressed. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and learning from you during the Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops, it was great. Thank you again ♡

~ Glenda G (Seven Hills, NSW)


Hi Kelly , I was really happy with the Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops . I thoroughly enjoyed your life stories, i really enjoyed listening to your thoughts and perspective on life. And i will be doing the rice challenge , my hubby thinks it crazy , but i will show him !

I went and bought some crystals, rose quartz and clear quartz and also the Chakra set . Have been looking for the
Tourmaline ..found a beautiful egg shaped one on the weekend. You have a wonderful personality so positive, and full of life . would have loved to have chatted more , very interesting perspective on life .

Love your work Kel x

~ Sharon S (Seven Hills, NSW)


It was absolutely amazing meeting you! To be Completely honest, participating in your Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops is the best thing I have ever done for myself. 

Since doing your work shop and talking about the way we think about life, I am looking at the world & "things" differently. I have really put into practice everything you taught us about being positive (energy goes where attention flows - I think that's right, right? Lol ) and I have found that I am so happy. I mean, I thought I was happy before.... but this is a whole new level! I have always tried to be a positive person. I agree with everything you mentioned in the work shop and It was a huge motivation to be MORE positive! I have learnt so much from you!

Talking about this stuff was definitely my favourite part as I feel it has helped me to become a better person In many ways. It was also a good opportunity to realise that I'm a lot more "in tune" with spirituality than I thought! Lol. 

You have the gift of speaking well kel. The way you explained/ran your workshop was really captivating and I had an absolutely fantastic time!! Plus it was extra exciting when I was able to successfully balance Bens chakras! Woohoo! 

Thanks once again kel, I'm feeling better than ever! You must change so many lives :) Keep up the great work!!

Kind Regards, Michelle. L (Seven Hills, NSW)  


The Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops were great!

I really liked connecting with my new crystal friend. I can actually pick it up and just hold it and it gives me peace and I feel calm.

I loved the simplicity of looking up at the blue sky and seeing things I've never taken the time to enjoy before now.

I really loved the feeling of the energy pulling on the crystal during the chakra check.

And, the strong feeling that I wasn't alone. I couldn't explain it at the time, but now I believe there was a presence with me, wether it was one of my protecting angels, or someone from the other side.

I can't wait until I can actually get messages from them. I just need to stop and listen.

Big hugs, miss you all xxx

Sandra S (Seven Hills, NSW) 


Thank you Kelly for an inspiring and valuable workshop, so glad I took the time to do the Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops with you and amongst a lovely group of people. Worthwhile experience xo

~ Trudy P  (Toowoomba, QLD)


Hi Kelly

Thank you for inviting us to the Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops and your hospitality for the day.  It was very amazing, overwhelming at time and has given me some really useful strategies.  I have used CANCEL a lot since leaving the workshop and you are right it does work! 

I was great to have had Mollie there with me she has embraced the strategies and is really enjoying spending the $1000 per day. She has been thinking about her future and the skills she needs to be successful in a job, asking for advice and actioning the feedback. She needs help with Cancel but that will come. 

Thank you for sharing your passion.  It truly is infectious.  I know I have a lot of growing to do, now I have much clearer picture of where I need to grow and also, most importantly HOW I need to grow.

I call you the psychologist for smart people, and I stand by it.  Thank you.

~ Kind Regards, Denise P (Toowoomba, QLD)

2014 Students


Wow, would like to thank you for todays Reiki One Connection. Was awesome and my body still full of energy can feel my whole body just buzzing and tingling. All I can say is awesome awesome awesome. " - Lyndal P (Kingaroy, QLD)


Thank you to my dear friend Kelly, for taking me through my Reiki 1 course and attunement today and the  Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops over the last couple of months. You are a wonderful lady and many more lucky people will learn from your teachings. xox ~ Julie G (Gowrie Junction, QLD)


Kelly is a woman who walks her talk. I loved the overview, the personal touch and the very relaxing environment and loved being able to read what was being said ( in fact really really loved this) The workshops were well thought out, content rich and I loved the personal stories.

Her workshops are a wonderful way to tap into her great wealth of knowledge. I love how she presented them, and found the information very easy to understand. I would happily recommend the Chakra Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Workshops to anyone who is interested in improving their life. ~ Lisa R. (Toowoomba, QLD)


Hi Kelly, I had a magical day yesterday in your double workshop, sharing it full of fun, laughs, tears, excitement and of course new learning skills. I'm very excited to be able to bring chakra checking and clearing back to Kingaroy. I do the checking & clearing with my pendulum but your 'Chakra Healing' workshop was working through energy which is what I was wanting to learn. I'm feeing its going to be a winner! I have a few people waiting to be treated and my hubby will be my first customer tonight. oh and receiving a new pendulum for my new journey is a bonus!

In your 'Law of Attraction' strategy session that covered the law of attraction was also really good although I was already aware of some of it, it was good to come along and fill In Bits and pieces I didn't know about. I will definitely be playing the strategy games & reinforcing many other aspects you covered. (Poster notes everywhere)

I cannot wait until the 11/11 for my next workshop. (Reiki 1) I've waited all year to do this and watching you grow and learn the way you blossomed is why i choose you to teach me I simply just cannot wait! Thank you to your lovely daughters for giving me Charlie the feather, he will be joining me on my new healing adventures!

Thank you to for the kind love and energy you put into your workshops, I had the most amazing sleep ever, I can't remember the last time I slept that well. My hopes are to become a magical healer just like you xo 

Melinda W.  (Kingaroy, QLD)


I really enjoyed spending time with you and likeminded people, in a lovely and comfortable atmosphere. The 'Chakra Healing' workshop was very enjoyable and inspiring with all of the information presented in an easy reference binder. The combination of theory and practical helped to explain the information, enabling me then to put it into practice. Thank you for my beautiful crystal.

Tracey  (Oakey, QLD)


Hi Kelly, The 'Chakra Healing' workshop was great. I have always wondered when I held a crystal why it moves in one direction or another and obviously how it would move, thanks to your workshop I understand and feel great about knowing what to do with it. Your workshop to say the least is very informative and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Regards, Karen F  (Dalby, QLD)

The following feedback has been gathered from people that took the online version of the Law of Attraction Workshop. These sessions are now being held in person as group workshops, one to one sessions, retreats and online courses. 

"Thanks for this powerful online email course. I really appreciate you!"

Steven Wilson -Palmdale, USA

"There is positive changes in the way I think and strive in my daily activities. I have to spend more time with myself to enjoy it all in full, and dus doing it in my own strive. This is a must for everybody that is open to change." Carmen Almazien -Cape Town, South Africa 

"I joined to get the 'Powerful Tools 4 Life' in 2007. I have had fun reading your email classes and doing the action plans. They are good fun. As you always say - action speakes louder than words. My life is getting better. If you publish this I just want to tell people to take action because when you take action, things start to happen. They have for me anyway. Thank you."

M.Rowes - Auckland, New Zealand

"The email class I recieved today and every other day is inspiring, motivates me to continue on the path of change. To learn more of me and create a better life of joy and happiness for my children and those who know me and dont know. I want to make a difference in the world in the Uk. I want to say thank you and continue doing what you are doing. I am thankful for technology and the internet wow eh! To people who are thinking of joining these classes, - Just listen to what you have been guided through. Go with your instinct this is awesome journey you are going on and it will reap you your rewards which is YOU! They are never too far away too give you that which we need and I want to say Thankyou! This is awesome journey that I am going on and I am learning all the time."

Glenda Andrew -Preston, United Kingdom

"Anyway that movie, "What the bleep do we know" or something like that was absolutely incredible! I must be telling you this in person also because I am thinking that thought as I type and I believe it to be true! I am so blest with your dialogues. I wanted to share with you as exciting it was to see, what is and why it is, and now knowing what I want to be is what is really happening in my life!!! "

Sebastian Lofaro -Galveston, Texas

"I run workshops on this subject, (Law of Attraction) and I have told people who come to me to go to Powerful tools 4 life!!! I have found this site with their email classes the best you can get! Kelly is fabulous!!! I don't use everything, but when I come across something for me I do it, I have found these exercises invaluable!!

If you want to understand more about yourself and how you have attracted to your life what you have experienced so far, and you would like to change the experience!!! Go to Powerful tools 4 life!! If you are interested in the Law of Attraction, these people are the ones to go to!!!! Don't bother with anyone else!!

Tink Dyer -Somerset, UK

"My husband and I really enjoy the movies, clips and videos that you direct us to. Each one has added inspiration to our lives. We just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you."

J & P Maddis -NSW, Australia