There are 5 parts to each of our Meditation   Classes


1. The Opening

The opening of class begins at 7:45pm. The opening is a very relaxed atmosphere with a few giggles as we chat and wait for all the class members to arrive for that particular evening. 

During this time, after you have signed in,you are offered to work on your Mindfulness drawing. You get to choose your own picture to work on from a folder of images that are provided for you. The other option is to relax in your chair as you receive Reiki healing or Access Consciousness Bars Run.

Doors are locked at 8pm sharp so class can begin.

2. The Breathing

Our group meditation practice begins at 8pm with breathing exercises. During these classes we will be using breathing as our anchor so we focus on the breath for 10 minutes. I guide you every step of the way with my voice as you deepen your awareness of deep belly breathing and the physical feelings it will bring to your body. 

Here's an interesting article on deep belly breathing that I found online. Click here if you would like to read it. It will open in a new window/tab.


3. Mindful Relaxation

After ten minutes of the breath, we move into ten to fifteen minutes of mindful relaxation. This involves mindfully relaxing all of your body parts as we start at the top of our head and relax our muscles, thought, skin, organs and we travel all the way down to the tips of our toes. During this time, you allow all tension to simply melt away as you remain fully aware and yet, completely relaxed.


4. Guided Visualisation / Healing

Every class will lead you through a different guided visualisation each time. This takes place directly after you have completely relaxed your body with the mindfulness relaxation techniques. If you are not very good at using your mind to form visual pictures, that's absolutely okay.  You can simply set an intention instead as you remain in a relaxed state.

While in this phase of relaxed meditation, you will be guided by my voice while in this safe place, every step of the way to help you bring about peace, healing, understanding and emotional calm into your mind and into your life. There are so many different journeys that we will be taking and each one of them can help you to shift your perception to be able to embrace deeper parts of yourself more fully and to also let things go that are no longer of benefit toyour growth.

This part of the meditation varies and can last anywhere between 20 - 30 minutes. 


5. The Closing

We close our meditation practice with a few explanations of what the nights meditation can do for you along with well wishes for the week ahead. Also feel free to add your name to our Distance Healing Form that takes place once a month. Distance healing is free.

No one is locked in to a 5 week course or term by term commitment. The classes are held one a month on a  Monday evening. Just let me know if you will be attending on any particular day so I can save a chair for you and you pay as you go. In other words, the only commitment to attend these classes is the one that you make with yourself.

Reiki and Bars are offered when the practitioners are available during The Opening of each class. There is no extra cost for these services.

Mp3 meditation audio recordings are available to download.You can view all available audios by clicking here 


Side Note:

Each class that you choose to attend is a $10 investment. This includes Opening services if you would like to receive them and monthly Distance Reiki Healing as well. 


Hi, my name is Kelly and I am a law of attraction coach, chakra healing teacher, homeschooling mum of two awesome teens, a sensational wife, a crystal worker, meditation guide and Reiki Master and I have been helping people to gently make their way through self healing experiences, energy shifts and mindset empowerment since 2007.

My wish is that during these Monday Mindfulness Meditation Classes, you take this little slice of time to get in touch with You. You deserve it.

Calmness in mind.

Peaceful thought.

Relaxed body.

Being present in your wonderful moment of Now. 


When you let go of stress and mind chatter, so many beneficial energetic changes come in to play in your body, your mind and your life. Monday evening. Your time. Because you can :)

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