This is a light-hearted, Fun-Filled, Easy-Going monthly gathering that is held in the Toowoomba area for the incredible people that have previously completed some energy training with me.


Please Note:

If you have attended one of our Healing Gatherings before, and would like to join in again, please click here and book yourself in for the next event.

However, If you are new to this page, please read on.


During this event you will have the opportunity to use the tools and techniques that you have learned during your chakra healing workshop , or one of the Reiki Courses that you might have attended, and be able to check chakras, clear and balance chakra energy, tune into your guides for assistance and work with your healing energy skills.

This Healing Gathering will be a time of giving and receiving with like minded people. Some of which you would have already met. The venue location in Toowoomba will be given out to those that have completed some energy training with me and are interested in attending to practise their natural healing abilities.

It's a great way to improve your technique and strengthen your connection with spirit and is also a fantastic way to receive a monthly energy healing for yourself. All too often we put ourselves on the back burner ~ Not Anymore! Lets DO this! ♥

Once or twice a year, I hope to open the event up for my students and their family and friends as well. I will let you know when that happens. For the meantime though, this is for past and current energy training clients only. 

I have several different rooms and halls that can be booked for this gathering so please click here and let me know if you are coming as soon as you can. This way, I will be able to book an appropriate hall size to cater for our needs. 

I look forward to seeing you again very soon! Click the button below and book yourself in.  Hugs!

xo ~ Kelly 


Want To Join In With Us?


These monthly Healing Gatherings are for clients only as we have worked together in the past and it's part of my service and commitment to them.

You are welcome to go through an energy workshop with me. Find out more from the buttons on the right.




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